National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians Special Report on the Government of Canada’s Framework and Activities to Defend its Systems and Networks from Cyber Attack

260. The Committee makes the following recommendations:


The government continue to strengthen its framework for defending government networks from cyber attack by ensuring that its authorities and programs for cyber defence are modernized as technology and other relevant factors evolve, including to align them with the horizontal framework for cyber defence that has emerged over the last decade.


To the greatest extent possible, the government:

  • Apply Treasury Board policies relevant to cyber defence equally to departments and agencies;
  • Extend Treasury Board policies relevant to cyber defence to all federal organizations, including small organizations, Crown corporations and other federal organizations not currently subject to Treasury Board policies and directives related to cyber defence;
  • Extend advanced cyber defence services, notably the Enterprise Internet Service of Shared Services Canada and the cyber defence sensors of the Communications Security Establishment, to all federal organizations.